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Bad refinery smell from Wilmington on 11/11 at 2:12 a.m

Date: Tuesday 11 November 2014

Address: 26524 Rolling Vista Dr. Lomita, CA 90717


My wife and I were awakened from a sound sleep by the petro-chemical stench (which we know so well!) from the Wilmington refinery. It's a gagging smell and makes it difficult to get back to sleep. The odor passed after about 30 minutes.

Extremely Strong Sour Petroleum Gas Stench

Date: Monday 24 November 2014

Address: San Pedro, 9th and Western


Noticed stink seeping through closed doors and windows @ 11:15 PM November 24 at my home located at 9th and Western in San Pedro. Opened front and back doors only to be repelled by exceedingly strong stench, which caused burning in throat. The stink is overwhelming, stronger than almost all previous incidences that I have documented over the last 6 years.


Date: Thursday 1 January 2015

Address: unocal refinery in wilmington, ca.


Hi i live close to the unocal refinery here in wilmmington , by robidoux st and figueroa and i been watching this fire for almost an hour , its 6:19 pm january 1st. I would like to know if the air is safe right now or what to do when this kind of problems happen ahain. thanks, javier

Large Fire Burning at Conoco Phillps 66

Date: Monday 12 January 2015

Address: 2650 Lomita Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90505


There was a bigger than usual burn out at Conoco Phillps, at approximately 9:00 pm. You could see the flame from the 105 and 110 intersection. I have never seen it that big.

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