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Oil Spill Neptune St. Wilmington Ca 90744

Date: Tuesday 18 March 2014

Address: Neptune St. & L street


Today, I saw & Smelled foul ordors of Oil Spill from Conoco Phillips Refinery pipeline in city L,A. street @ Neptune St. between L st. & M st. residents, this was verified by Haz Mat team L.A.F.D. African Amer. Officer @ 2:30pm. It oil spill was still not contained & Trucks were pumping out spillage of oil into trucks all day.

Oil leak/strong smell

Date: Thursday 20 March 2014

Address: Along Neptune between L and M in Wilmington, CA


Oil leak occurred on Neptune, between L and M st. Strong odor mainly in the morning, and loud noises all night due to workers cleaning up. My father walks most mornings down Neptune, and he had mentioned a funny smell for some time, after the small quake that occurred Monday morning the problem became evident. The ground is stained from the oil that leaked out and he's not sure about continuing his usual walks down the same route as he has health issues. Also, we are concerned about any other contamination that may be caused due to this incident.

earthquake hits la habra 25 miles from Wilmington

Date: Friday 28 March 2014

Address: Brea, CA, USA


The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake struck at about 9:09 p.m. and was centered near Brea in Orange County - about 20 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles - at a depth of about 5 miles. It was felt as far south as San Diego and as far north as Ventura County, according to citizen responses collected online by the USGS. Broken glass, gas leaks, water main breaks and a rockslide were reported near the epicenter, according to Twitter updates from local authorities. Eyewitness photos and videos show bottles and packages strewn on store floors. Southern California Edison reported power outages to about 2,000 customers following the quake.

Planned auto repair shop and caped oil well next to a preschool

Date: Thursday 17 April 2014

Address: 22504 Eriel Av, Torrance 90505


Young Explorer Montessori is located at 22504 Eriel Av, Torrance CA 90505. There is an empty land right next to the above preschool. Recently, the City of Torrance gave approval to start an auto repair shop next to this preschool. There is a capped oil well in this empty land and it has not been used for past 16 years. Children from 2 years of age to 6 years of age attend this school and some of them has health issues such as asthma, allergies and severe heart condition where there are not suppose to exposed to any kind of air or environmental pollution. They will be construction starting in this empty lot in the future and the parents and the owner of the school is concern about the possible health issues and hazards that can occur due to construction.

Giving me a headache

Date: Sunday 14 September 2014

Address: 247th pl & president


There's a familiar smell in the air and it's coming from the refineries . I live in harbor city. The smell is so thick , I had to close all the windows ans doors. It was giving me a headache .its such a beautiful Sunday to be locked up in the house!

Chemical smell in our neighborhood

Date: Sunday 14 September 2014

Address: 263rd and President Avenue


There has been a strong chemical smell in our neighborhood for the past hour. It smells outside of our home and inside.

Air pollution

Date: Tuesday 14 October 2014

Address: Rancho Palos verdes


I live in Rancho Palos Verdes. I've noticed recently at night time potent smell from the refinery which has increased a lot over the last several months. We are all very concerned if there's been any change in the regulation and the amount of pollution that's being released into the air.

Skunk like smell

Date: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Address: 9th and Western, San Pedro CA


At 9:30pm on Tuesday Oct 28 there was a strong skunk like stench in the area around 9th and Western ave. in San Pedro. My friend likes on Trotwood Avenue and has complained about this reoccurring, toxic smell for several years. He reported it to the air quality control district, fire dept. newspapers, etc. and no one cares. Air quality control says they do not have anyone who works nights so they will not respond and investigate. Last night at 2 am my son and I woke because the entire house smelled exactly like the stench I smelled at 9th and Western. We live in Rancho Palos Verdes near Marymount College. I know what actual skunk spray smells like, encounter it quite often in my back yard,and this smell that penetrated every inch of my house was skunk-like but not from a skunk. It is not almost 3pm and the smell is still lingering inside, and my eyes still burn from it. My friend on Trotwood in San Pedro was told by a neighbor that the refinery releases toxins that they are not supposed to at night. He said he was told this by someone who works there.

Skunk like smell

Date: Thursday 30 October 2014

Address: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA


Strong chemical smell.sort of skunk like woke me up. Opened front door and smell is overwhelming. Same smell that woke me around the same time yesterday. I believe this is coming from the refinery or harnbor.

Airborne Stench

Date: Sunday 9 November 2014

Address: San Pedro, 9th and Western


I noticed a strong stink coming through the open windows of my house in San Pedro @ 9th and Western around 6:45 PM this evening. The stench can best be described as sour petroleum gas. The smell had dissipated by 7:30 PM.

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